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God Glo In Jou

God Glo In Jou


    Hersiene Uitgawe 12/12/21

    Hierdie boekie het ek reeds in 2000-2004 geskryf 

    Ongelukkig was die Afrikaanse weergawe uit druk vir baie jare.


    Ek het die afgelope 6 weke konstant aan hom gewerk en was kort kort in trane oor die wonnerlike eenvoud en krag van die Goeienuus.


    Oor die jare het baie mense gesê dat die boekie was die sleutel wat hul verstaan van die Spieëlboodskap oopgesluit het.


    Hiers iemand se terugvoer van die Engelse weergawe:


    WOW!  Ek het letterlik duisende Christelike boeke gelees die afgelope 30 jaar!

    GOD GLO IN JOU is die beste ooit!

    Ek kon die boek nie neersit nie

    Elke bladsy is propvol kragtige openbaring!

    –       Blair Riley, Kanada

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    Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

    Understanding one’s value and worth in the eyes of God as the author describes is truly enlightening to say the least. This book transcends all kinds of man made religious barriers. It is a must read for anyone who wants to be inspired and have their passion for life, and love for people, ignited again.

    Bessie W. Rhoades on Amazon wrote:

    Du Toit gets it. He knows God. He truly knows our Father. […] I have never been washed over by such excellent words of truth and grace. I cry at the goodness of the revelation revealed in this book. […] Do yourself and anyone you know who is struggling with their purpose or worth a favor. You couldn’t ever give them a gift of greater value that what is contained in this book.

    John Mansfield on Amazon wrote:

    This, truly, is what the Gospel – the Good News – was always meant to be! Just hearing and believing who we really are in Jesus and what it entails – seeing everyone as God sees them – all children of His, created in His likeness and no longer held in the Adamic personage, but alive in Christ!


    Life sometimes seems to be like a mighty magnet, which compels one almost in remote control fashion. Yet if karma has the final say, why would it appear that some people are luckier than others? Our own thoughts, words, choices, habits and attitudes continue to turn and empower circumstances, events and people, which in turn touch and shape our destiny. Yet we often find ourselves trapped in confusion where life no longer seems to make any sense. I believe that within the horizon of our hearts, the voice of our spirit echoes truth. We are designed to explore and discover our inmost self, the wealth of light and life within our reach. Even the sense of hopelessness in a crisis would prompt us to dig deeper to find a rock-solid foundation inside of us. I trust that this writing will challenge and stir you to the core of your being and your beliefs to remove every trace of the substitute, man-made self-image with its glorious head of golden glitter and its silvery bust and bronze body. The little stone that was cut out by no human hand is destined to strike that image of vanity and piety on its feet of iron and clay and become in its place a Rock that fills the whole earth; the true image and likeness of God, restored and revealed in ordinary human life. (Daniel 2:32-35) My sincere desire is that my message will accurately unveil the mystery of Christ in its most complete context: You! Col 4:4 Mirror Bible