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KAA Of The Great Kalahari

KAA Of The Great Kalahari

“This authentic experience, so close to what is ancient and true, is what I trust will resonate in all those who read these stories.” – Lydia du Toit

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    Lydia’s spiritual insights have become a touchstone for the next generation!

    “I wrote this story prompted by the love and truth and the innocence of my early childhood, growing up in the Kalahari. I remember those years so vividly, lying on my back on a distant dune, the sand beneath my fingers, the stars above me dancing across the sky. But most of all I remember the silence, a deep omnipotent quiet resting peacefully on the desert. In later years the Kalahari became a favorite getaway when we would drive for many miles through those same dunes with our own four children, finding a place in the wilderness where we could enjoy this special, powerful place.


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    AnneMarie Helms wrote:

    I loved this story. From the first line I was transported to the world of the Kalahari: the smell of the fire, the canopy of stars so close you could almost reach out and touch them. Through the author’s evocative writing I found myself dancing with the tribe around the fire, and I could almost hear Kaa’s heartbeat, as loud as his footsteps that led him across the desert on an unexpected and life-changing journey.

    A powerful heartbeat resounds throughout this beautiful tale. Like a distant drum of dancing feet, it beats with adventure and passion, filled ultimately with the joy of recognizing our true selves. It is this deep recognition which reveals to us that, from the beginning of time, we have belonged, we are dearly loved, anticipated, enjoyed and cherished. There is no need to beg for favor; this eternal love is not earned; the dawning of its light comes as potently and powerfully as the first glimpse of the Kalahari sun.


    The stars were falling to the ground and dancing back to the skies in the sparkles of the fire. One could not really tell which were stars and which were sparks from the fire. The tribe was all assembled, some sitting and others standing around the burning logs. The fire’s light lit up their bronze faces and friendly eyes. Dancing in unison, their voices were soft, and one could hear the jingling sound of the beads around the ladies’ ankles as they moved in the sand. Their song seemed to melt into the smoke and embers floating in the Kalahari skies.