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King Solitaire’s Big Banquet

King Solitaire's Big Banquet
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King Solitaire woke up one morning excited, he had a dream about a feast and a riddle.

He immediately involved his wife and all the people in his land to solve the riddle to come join him and the Queen at the Big Banquet. They prepared the biggest feast one can imagine but no one could enter until they had solved the riddle. What was it then, this riddle – only the very best could open the gates to the feast. So the contestants arrived from the fastest to the slowest, the biggest to the smallest, all desiring to be the best of the best. But Alas, the King had a book of Stars and in it was recorded every wonderful and not so wonderful an event. This had the eager contestants leaving disappointed, one after the other because there was always someone better and faster and bigger. But oh, it was such a happy day, when a young lad arrived at the castle’s gates professing to have solved the riddle, which indeed he did. Jonagold discovered one of the biggest secrets in life!


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