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Mirror Text and Commentary Updates

I do regular text and commentary tweaks and updates as I go along – when I work on a new book or chapter I always cross reference which inevitably leads to doing a few tweaks here and there.

I will release these individual text and commentary tweaks on a regular basis so you can download and paste them in your printed books etc.

For example, the 10th edition printed Mirror was released last year [2021] with 1144 pages – since the release however, I’ve already added 24 pages – and because we sell through a print on demand [POD] publisher, who then make it available through all their online distributors, I’m able to send them updates on the inner files as I go along (about two or 3 times a year) – last week I submitted the latest inners to them, so the page count is now 1168 (They add 2 blank pages)

[To order in America, it is recommended that you rather use Barnes and Noble – unfortunately, Amazon often sell older versions]

These “extras” are just updates on the existing books and chapters released in the 10th edition and does not include any new material, which will only be added to the next edition.

I’m adding about 300 pages every 2 years to the latest editions.

I am currently working on Acts and will most probably only be able to release the 11th Edition sometime early next year.

The Mirror App as well as the Kindle are updated about twice a year.