Mark (SA)

Hi beloved, you continue to inspire and encourage me. Many thanks!

Theo (SA)

Awesome, awesome amazing grace; the value of treasure hidden is determined by an appreciation of its application. Man’s desperation to search for it is only satisfied by the discovery thereof. Whatever is naturally more commonly available, we determine to hold little or no value. But man will go to the extreme to discover treasure hidden beneath the surface of the earth. Similarly the truth of God is discovered in the heart of the Father as deep calls unto deep.

The revelation of the beauty and favour discovered there is more valuable than all the treasures the earth can yield. The realization of our identity in Christ is the key that unlocks our ability to tap into this amazing treasure and to appropriate it. Greetings from a cold Port Elizabeth, Saints of God in whom is my delight!

Mia (SA)

Thanks Francois, the time you were here, I remember that: ~ “for the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall never see again” ~…I heard for the ‘first’ time, and still it makes such an impact! It’s so different than we have ever been taught…it’s such a change of many thought patterns… (I mean: not one thought or belief that changes, but so much!!)

Is it ‘normal’ that we have to hear it again and again and again to ‘comprehend’ it more and deeper? I’m enjoying all your teaching of the Wordschool, I listen to them whenever I’m able (in bed, in the car, while cleaning house!!) Sometimes I listen 2 or 3 times….Thank you so much!! Such a JOY!

Edouard (SA)

This is Rev Edouard Bilong we met at the grace conference in Rustenburg. I want you to know that you have been a great blessing to me personally. I want to stay in touch with you, and would love to invite you some day to come and minister to our people the message of the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Greetings to your wife and all the best for your ministry. Kingdom regards,


Danie (SA)

What is more beautiful than the revelation of Christ in you? Nothing can be compared to who Christ is in you, the hope of glory. There are so many people who are longing for the word of grace and who would like to come to the understanding and knowledge of the grace of God and who they are in Christ and where they originated from. He must be our source—In Him we live, move in this world and have our being.

Irina (Russia)

We were very blessed by Francois and Dima’s visit to our church. My pastoral ministry was renewed by the word spoken by Francois. I’ve been a missionary in Russia for 6 years. I came from Tadzhikistan. I believe that your daily word will bring freshness in our ministry to the Lord. I wish you all the best. With the love of Christ,

Pastor Irina

Susan (United Arab Emirates)

I am speechless, so overwhelmed that I need to scream! I have a passion to tell people about this truth, I can’t go on and listen to any other gospel anymore, truth has set me free. I would love to be part of this so people  will be free. I live and work in Dubai I have been so blessed by this ministry every time I hear the truth my whole being shakes and I have to stop and take a break, when I read the materials from the Mirror translation etc it feels like electricity going through my body. I encounter the word of God and truth stands in front of me bearing witness. I don’t know how but I know that I know that I know that this is truth. This is the truth—I just want to burst, I can’t hear any other gospel, my stomach turns when I hear another gospel. Wow wow wow. On Fire I am on Fire. I cannot do nothing else put preach Jesus, my mouth can only declare His good works my body yields and worships Him and vibrates at His presence I am so His…..

Bonface (Kenya)

It’s amazing how this message is impacting and transforming lives, and much more how you put it clear and understandable. God bless you. I would request you if in future you have meetings in east Africa which you have been invited and you are unable to attend I will be willing to represent you there and give people the opportunity to hear this message. This word has been a great blessing to me. I met the secretary of the American Christian episcopal church and shared with him this word; the man was greatly touched and promised to open doors for us in his churches in America. Blessings

Douglas 2 (Zimbabwe)

Greetings to you my dear sister Lydia. The book Divine Embrace is really good. The reports you are getting are genuine. The first time l read it personally, l could hardly put it down, it is such a powerful piece of work that Francois did there. It is good for personal and group devotions, as well as Bible Study.

Douglas 1 (Zimbabwe)

My dear may God highly honour you for the great work you are doing beginning with Africa. I was personally touched and encouraged at the conference for the few days l was there. In fact I have already started writing a report on the Conference which l shall copy to you.

Let Lydia know that she is really a mother of many nations, God has just given her that because she proved beyond any reasonable doubt that she is ready for bigger occasions that He has for you. l love you guys and l am missing every one who was and still is there. We had really become a family. Let them know that l shall keep in touch with each one of them.  Please tell our beautiful sister Lydia that our journey was really great and we are so grateful for she did for us, only God will remember her richly for this.

We shall be waiting for the team you are bringing to Zimbabwe, you will be accommodated at our place the night before you leave for Calson’s rural place. l have asked Lydia to teach mothers from our Church during the time you will be teaching the EFZ Pastors.  Hope to see you soon. Stay blessed.