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The ministry site of Francois and Lydia du Toit. Teachers and Authors of the Mirror Study Bible, Devotional and Children’s books.

Mirror Study Bible 11th Edition

The Mirror Study Bible is a work in progress. Since its 1st Edition, printed in 2012, the MSB has become a very bulky book.

The single book size of the 11th Edition exceeds 1200 pages, therefore, our Print on Demand Ingram publishers are now printing 3 Separate Volumes of approximately 500 pages each.

The new set of 3 Volumes MSB is now available through most online distributors, such as – on Amazon and Barnes & Noble – 

The set is printed in two formats, Paperback as well as Hardcover [Case Laminate]. These are printed in the UK, USA and Australia and now also in the new Lightning Source facility based in Sharjah within the UAE [serving also the central and North African markets]

Mirror Study Bible
(Volume 1)

Mirror Study Bible
(Volume 2)

Mirror Study Bible
(Volume 3)

Our Mirror Journey

During my 3-year studies at the University of Pretoria [1975-1977], I was triggered with the intrigue of the richness of the language, and how so much of the nuances and early meanings of words have remained hidden and were ultimately lost in many translations over the years.

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Explaining my use of Etymology in the Mirror Study Bible


Dear Francois and Lydia, Over the past few years, I have been asking questions and journaling things that, given my upbringing, were nothing short of Heretical. I didn’t know what to make of it, only that things didn’t add up, didn’t make sense. The God I was growing to know and the God taught to me were not one and the same. 15 Months ago I was talking with my friend and she shared a scripture out of the Mirror with me that caused an electric shock to run through my body. I was overwhelmed with Joy like I had never known before. I purchased one that day (I’ve actually purchased several since then as I keep giving them away!) I couldn’t put it down. All the things God had been ministering to me were confirmed and reflected on these pages. Since then everything in my life has changed. My desires, my values, my perceptions of others and their value, my language, my world, my everything! …… I want to share it with everyone I meet… How could I possibly be silent when the world needs to know how wonderful they really are!!!

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