Kindle & FAQ

Download the Kindle app on your phone/device.

Go to “Home” or “Library

In the bottom right corner, there are 3 vertical lines.

Click on “More

Then at the bottom of the list, click on Help + Feedback

Scroll down to “Contact Us” and click on “Chat with us” (Do not try the phone option)

This will appear: “So what can I help you with?

There will be 2 options – Click on KINDLE BOOKS

Now select the item – Mirror Study Bible

Again this will appear: “So what can I help you with” There are 5 options to choose from… Click on – SOMETHING ELSE

Then you will be asked “Ok, would you like to connect with an associate?

Click on “Yes, get help through chat

Wait for associate to join the chat saying, “thank you for contacting Amazon. How can I help you today?

Then you type in “There has been a recent update – can you please do it your side

You will be asked to delete and re download the book now.

Then, return to your library – and click on Mirror Study book cover

A list of options will appear, Click onRemove Download

Wait a moment, then, click on the cover again and the download bar will appear across the cover – it will automatically download the latest update.

You can then return to the chat and thank the Associate!

Check the index to see if you have the latest update – our email is

I don’t own a Kindle myself, but it seems from a bit of research I’ve done now, that there is a good chance it won’t be deleted if you upgrade, OR it is possible to backup the notes and highlights you’ve made on a Kindle book, and restore them. Note that the notes and highlights is not a Mirror Bible feature, but a Kindle feature – it is available on any Kindle book.
Check this article and my notes below:
This article also states that the highlights and notes are stored in a file on the Kindle….
Which therefore strongly suggests that they may not be deleted if you install the new version. BUT if they are … you can copy this file to another device (eg a thumb drive or pc), then download and install the new version of the Mirror Bible for Kindle, and then copy that file back to its original place/folder on the Kindle, the notes and highlights may just all be intact 🙂
It is a worth a try.
My suggestions:
(Preferably experiment on another Kindle device (not your own) – one that you don’t mind if you loose everything).
  1. Follow the steps in the first section of the article to backup the notes and highlights.
  2. Make sure they are backed up by opening the backup file and checking the contents.
  3. Then go to the second section in the article (How to Export Highlights From Kindle Storage) and follow these steps to copy the “My Clippings.txt” file to your pc/mac/thumb drive.
  4. Install the new Kindle Mirror Bible from Amazon
  5. Check if the notes and highlights are not perhaps already there 🙂 Good chance they were not removed :)!
  6. If they were removed, then copy the My Clippings.txt file back to the Kindle device from your pc/mac/thumb drive – copy it to exactly the same place as it was previously.
  7. Check again… I hope it works!
Sorry I can’t give more exact advice as I don’t have a Kindle myself, but as mentioned, there is a good chance nothing will be lost 🙂