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    1. while 1st Thess is the 1st book of N.T. [50 AD]
      2nd Thessalonians is the most doubted book in the Pauline Epistles. Some would argue that the linguistic features of this letter show far too much deviation from Paul’s normal style. In particular, a few years back, Daryl D. Schmidt of Texas Christian University read a paper on the linguistic features of 2 Thessalonians at a Society of Biblical Literature meeting, arguing this very point. His conclusion was that this letter was not genuine.

      1. I would like to be able to download the latest KINDLE version onto my kindle and not onto my phone. The sample I have downloaded onto my kindle says I need to go to this link to get the latest version. Please advise how I get it onto my kindle. I’ll look out for your email. Many thanks

        1. pls call or chat with amazon kindle direct – i have to contact them everytime i need to update on my own device – dunno why it doesnt happen automatically

    1. Dear Aklilu

      Here is the instructions for the free app – let me know once you have doenloaded it

      warm regards


      1. Install the App from the Play/App store
      2. Open the app and register with your email address and a password
      3. Provide the email address with which you registered to and we will upgrade your account to “Paid” status. And download the app for you.

      4. You will receive an email containing a link to confirm your email address. NOTE: clicking on this link is only required if you plan to change your password!

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